Paintless dent removal at its best

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What we do...... Acci-Dent are masters at the art of paintless dent removal

Acci-Dent uses none of the traditional methods of body filling, sanding or spray painting to repair dents. Thus substantially saving on the time normally required by a bodyshop and all the expense that entails. (car hire etc.)

Individually fashioned tools enable Acci-Dent technicians to carry out repairs on-site by gaining access behind the dent. With our knowledge of metal properties, we transform the area back to its original shape.

Dents can successfully be removed from the size of a five pence coin, to the size of a golf ball.

Larger dents can often be substantially tidied up, but not fully repaired. Please beware of anyone that claims they can repair larger dents fully.

No Painting means no chance of colour mismatch and therefore no devaluing of your vehicle. Since the original factory finish remains intact, the process of paintless dent removal will help retain the value of your car.

Protruding dents can also be repaired very effectively.

The Facts
  • There are no paints, no sanding, and no messy fillers used.
  • Eliminate mis-matched colours from painting.
  • Our workmanship will significantly enhance your vehicle.
  • The cost is considerably less than a body shop repair.
  • Acci-Dent keeps the original finish of your vehicle

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