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pdr tools: Acci-dent are currently supplying the most versatile,easy to use PDR tools available in the world today. If you dont believe us look for yourselves.
The tools supplied by all the other manufacturers are very strong but are almost impossible to bend. This can make them about as useful as a chocolate screwdriver.
How many times have you tried to put a bend in some of the bigger bar tools, only to put your back out, or need to lie down after trying?
Try putting a slight bend in a hand tool to get that extra little bit of access and control you need, only for it to snap or simply not bend because you are not near a bench vice or a blow torch.
Try doing a dent in a back panel with a bar that is so strong you could hang an elephant on it but all you need is a 10 degree bend.
You dont need a tool bag with 365 tools in it just a few, more versatile tools.OUR TOOLS to be precise.
How many of you looking at this site have a whole car full of long bars you use once in a blue moon?
The other tool manufacturers seem to have missed the point with the tools.
Tools that look good but dont work are fine but if you are under pressure to get that last dent done when the customer is sitting in the showroom waiting for his new car. He is on his third coffee and not happy. You are in the workshop, the salesman hovering over your shoulder and you need that tool to bend just slightly, just enough to let you do that last dent on that brand new Porsche or Jaguar back panel without taking out the light cluster out.
We can supply you with tools that can remove dents from Porsche rear wings (just behind the door) without removing the the interior trim panel or the rear wheel.
Remove a dent from a Jaguar XJ6 door without removing the door trim panel.
Remove a dent from almost any door that has a dent just on and below the the crashbar( which is not accessable from above)using the slim whale/fish tale tool.This can be done instantly without the need for access from the bottom of the door, or taking the trim panel off.
We believe our tools will increase the number of dents you can access quickly to give you the best pin prick acurate control. They will also retain enough strength to lift out the deepest dents if required.
Always remember that if the dent you are trying to remove wont lift, that usually means 1. Your leverage is wrong, or 2. It is not repairable
Everything in this job has its limits.
Sometimes, its the tools.
Sometimes its the dents.
Sometimes its the guy hanging on the end of the tools.
Sometimes its the money you get to charge for the job.
As a company we have the combined technical knowledge from most of the biggest dent companies in the business.
We believe no other company can match this.
The reason our tool range is not as large as other suppliers is that our tool kit allows enough versatility to elimanate most of the once in a blue moon tools.

Our tools are now used throughout the UK and we have sent them to Europe, Canada, Australia and the Far East.


"easy grip" soft rubberised handles makes working with our tools a breeze..


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pdr tools

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