Paintless dent removal training

pdr training: Our training facility has a relaxed, shop atmosphere. We keep class numbers at a maximum of 2 students, giving you the benefit of hands-on, personal instruction. You will perfect your techniques on training benches before being taken out in the field with one of our technicians for some intensive hands on repairs in the "real world".

Introduction to PDR (1 day)
A great way for you to "test the water". You will accompany one of our technicians out in the field for a day. You will learn the different types of dents that can be repaired, the tools used, the techniques used and most importantly, the earnings potential of this industry. This is an invaluable way to see why PDR is an art.

300.00 + vat
Course dates:

Please Note: Should you decide to commit yourself to our full training program, the above cost will be deducted from the total course price.


Advanced PDR course
Our comprehensive training program lasts for a total of 3 weeks.
This consists of 2 weeks in-house intensive training where we will teach you all aspects PDR, followed by 1 week on the road hands-on experience with one of our area technicians.

Training hours:
Our in house training hours run from 8.30am to 5pm. (Mon-Fri)
The hours you will train with a technician out in the field will be from 8am to approx 8pm.

We are sure you will agree the more hours we can train you in the 3 week period, the better it is for yourself.

Course dates:
Our next training course commences mid April 2008.

The tools you would receive are made of high precision tool steel. They all come with "easy use" handle grips. (soft rubberised handles which are very comfortable to work with.)

The tool kit is as follows:

2 x long bonnet bars
1 x intermediate bonnet bar
2 x short dog leg bonnet bars
1 x straight bonnet bar
1 x long right hand tool
1 x short right hand tool
1 x long left hand tool
1 x short left hand tool
1 x 90 degrees door tool
1 x dog leg door tool
1 x straight door tool
1 x straight handled dog leg tool
1 x short right angled door tool
1 x flat fantail tool
6 x assorted small hand tools
2 x window wedges
1 x tube reflector (adjustable)
1 x bonnet prop
1 x nibbling block
1 x braddel
4 x nylon punch
1 x 12mm hole cutter with plugs
1 x suction cup reflector
1 x bonnet tie down
1 x kneeling pad

3 week training programme: 7000.00 (Seven Thousand UK Pounds Sterling)
Complete Tool Kit: 1000.00 (One Thousand UK Pounds Sterling)
Above prices subject to VAT@17.5%

Please note the above two package prices do not include accommodation. We can arrange this for you, or recommend a few budget bed and breakfasts to you. (We advise you to stay in bed & breakfast accommodation as you will be working late on many days throughout your training.)

We want your business to be as successful as ours. This is why we believe we offer the most comprehensive training package available. When completed, you will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to trade from day 1.

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