Paintless dent removal training

Questions: Below is a few of the common questions we are frequently asked. If you have a specific question please contact us direct:

Why is your course so long compared to others?
We are committed to providing the best possible intensive "hands on" training within the industry. To train you to a level we feel is acceptable, takes 2 weeks of in-house training. We also know the only way for you to gain your confidence and hone your skills is to provide you with a further 2 weeks of "real" PDR work by sending you out in the field with one of our technicians to work on our clients vehicles. Thus, when you complete our course you will have the knowledge, skills and confidence to trade from day1.

Is it possible to get a shorter course?
Yes it is. We can tailor courses to suit individual needs. If you are already in the business and wish a refresher course this can be arranged. If you are a complete novice we can still tailor a course around your requirements, but please bear in mind what we have said above. In this instance we would strongly recommend you take part in our "1 day introduction to PDR" course. This will let you see what is really involved and why it is an art that can only be learned by intensive training. Please also remember the fees you pay for this will be deducted from our full course should you wish to continue.

Do I have to buy my tools from you?
No you don't. You are free to buy your tools from wherever you want. However, the tool kit we provide you is exactly the same tools all our technicians carry and use out in the field. From day 1 of your course you will be presented with your own tools to use. You can bring your own but please ensure you have the same as what we would normally provide you with. If you don't you are only wasting your own time and also your trainers.


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