Paintless dent repair training

Why us?: AcciDent is Scotland's largest source for quality Paintless Dent Removal tools, equipment and training. Our commitment to our work is second to none. With well over 200,000 vehicles now repaired by ourselves, we have the knowledge, expertise and dedication to train you to the same exceptionally high standards we bestow on our own customers.

Only seasoned professionals train our students. In the good old days, auto body technicians learned their trade by working with an experienced auto body professional. There were no set rules, just proven techniques and methods passed from one technician to another. As fledgling technicians watched, worked and learned, they developed a sense of the techniques that were best suited to their personal skills and needs.

We feel that Paintless Dent Removal is best learned in the same manner and as such, our training courses are all highly focused on a "hands on" approach. It truly is the only way to learn.


We keep class numbers to a maximum of 2 students, giving you the benifit of hands-on, personal instruction at all times.

AcciDent will give you the skills and confidence required for you to start trading the day you leave our course.


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